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Manuals and User Guides for Wolf WKG. This Zwift User Manual is NOT affiliated with, or endorsed by Zwift. There is a slight difference between the women’s and men’s categories as per below. 7k members in the Zwift community. The criteria for each category. If ZwiftPower is able to allocate a cat post-race, that is the category you will be scored in.

Heart rate efficiency = Average Heart Rate / Average WKG. Finally, if you’d like to support WKG and get your hands on any of our awesome t-shirts, hoodies, caps, bags or team kit. com (abbreviated as ZP) determines in which category you should race. Riders entering a higher Division than their category will remain in that division for the rest of the. ZwiftPower currently monitors over 100 data sources across all three courses, and that monitoring is 24/7 – however you chose to look at is, that’s an awful lot of incoming data especially when on peak times Zwift is pushing towards 3000 riders.

Ride Hard, Ride Smart, Ride Fair, Ride On! Could someone please post a key to understanding Zwiftpower? All races that follow a standard format expect racers to use their ZwiftPower Minimum Category (at least) for race entry. Here’s what mine looks like today:. Heart rate ratio = Average Power / Average Heart Rate. Type refers to the method they racer is using for recording power data. Zwift User Manual – The Unofficial Guide to Zwift! There are all kinds of acronyms and icons on there, some of which have explanations (in a range of completeness and requiring various levels of digging to discover).

What does a greyed out &39;WKG&39; on Zwiftpower mean? ALL power-ups are allowed. 30 votes, 29 comments. As a pretty religious lifter before all this, I needed a regimented way of getting better to stick to cycling so I hired a coach.

Cat C will require power source (powermeter or smart trainer) and heart rate monitor for podium spots. We use standard zwiftpower. And how is it applied? Zwift Power is a third party website that collects and collates data from Zwift and enables a league table to be formed from event results.

You will find a sticky in Frequently Asked Questions re how ZwiftPower&39;s WKG Categorisation works. Zwiftpower category upgraded riders must race in the higher category for the next event. The Triathlon Ireland Zwift Autumn League is intended to engender fun competition between athletes, however we reserve the right to exclude a rider from a particular race under the following criteria: WKG: Exceeded category power. As you progress, your wkg would also technically n realistically match your race category obtained by the points.

Every ZwiftPower-registered rider has a category assigned to them based on their race history. You MUST have a zwiftpower profile 2. All races that follow a standard format expect racers to use their ZwiftPower Minimum Category (at least) for race entry. You gets points for the first 15 places descending. How is “Performance better than expected 250 Points” determined?

Covering a total of 27km with an elevation of 112m, all at breakneck speeds, your task is simple. I’ve asked zwift support about this, and their. com category limits which are based on 95% of your Peak20min power output: 4. One of the functions of ZwiftPower is to record data that can identify technology bugs or suspicious performances. Harrogate Circuit Reverse. com category limits which are based on your FTP (95% of your best 20min power output) divided by your weight. 95) ÷ rider weight (in kg). You MUST use a heart rate monitor.

Races will be regularly featured in the WKG ‘Watts Up! Like many others, I picked up zwift during self-isolation. To submit data, click on the link in your ZwiftPower profile. 6 W/kg and an FTP over 300 W. UPG - You entered a lower category than your Zwiftpower category. This category is defined as the “average of best 3 races in last 90 days”. Read “20-Minute Power” below for a more nuanced view.

make your opponents go BANG before you do! You must select your category correctly, based on recent race history or FTP tests. Just view your profile page (here’s mine) and look at the graphs directly below your profile pic.

We have 1 Miele WKG 120 WCS manual available for free PDF download: Operating Instructions Manual Miele WKG 120 WCS Operating Instructions Manual (100 pages). 2 w/kg grace for that race (for 95% of 20min, 2. Thursday&39;s are WTRL TEAM TIME TRIAL Thursdays on Zwift! – Choosing lower category than ZwiftPower says will cause DQ – Riding outside manual wkg category zwiftpower chosen category (95% of CP20) will cause DQ – Riding very unrealistically or cheating may be DQ as well – In-game PowerUps are not allowed – DoubleDraft will be turned off.

" I&39;m pretty out of shape now and would be surprised if I could ever be over 5wkg again at close to 50 years old. We’ll call this your “FTP Wattage”. The calculation is essentially how your FTP is calculated by many FTP tests in a W/kg format. ZwiftPower - The coding behind Zwift Community manual wkg category zwiftpower Racing. However, ZwiftPower allows a rider to go over cat limits by up to 0. Be Light: Being around 50 kg can help you exceed category W/kg limits without being forced to upgrade to B.

A subreddit for the users of Zwift. DETERMING YOUR RACE CATEGORY. WKG - Means you did power over the category limits+0. Please use ZwiftPower&39;s WKG Category on your profile for race entry. 1 w/kg but only if that rider entered their correct category.

It’s a shame that zwift uses wkg to organise race groups. Then you progress up levels with the more points you get. In short races where we don’t have 20 mins data we will use a standard power curve to estimate an FTP. If ZwiftPower does not allocate a cat post-race, your 20 minute WKG and Watts will be used to calculate an FTP and hence ZwiftPower category. ) That means a strong A racer can hop into a D race, or vice-versa. 3ish for B), but you entered the proper Zwiftpower category from before the race. Its not a big deal for some (including me), but others use their results and points for possible team and sponsorship deals.

It would be nicer if it was likr a race licence. Top Zwiftpower Gallery. It&39;s usually Smart Trainer/Power/zPower. Right now, Zwifters can join any race category they wish. It&39;s on the manual wkg category zwiftpower front page, on the right below statistics. "ZADA/5WKG: rider has breached the (A) category threshold and requires their data to be verified from real world data via ZADA (5W/kg for 20 minutes, 6W/kg for 5 minutes). We have 1 Miele WKG 120 manual available for free PDF download: Operating Instructions Manual Miele WKG 120 Operating Instructions Manual (100 pages) The live tab will display a rider’s assigned category in the leftmost column. Then add ‘teamWKG’ as your team in your zwiftpower.

Cats A, and B will require a power source (powermeter or smart trainer) and heart rate monitor. Your performance in that race is irrelevant. 5W/kg, which would put the rider into category B. ZP&39;s UI has a ways to go before it&39;s usable on mobile. Manuals and User Guides for Miele WKG 120 WCS. Because Zwift and Zwift Power are separate entities, the sign up process requires some manual input and take approximately 10 minutes.

We have 1 Miele WKG 120 manual available for free PDF download: Operating Instructions Manual Miele WKG 120 Operating Instructions Manual (100 pages). What are the red. Best 8 results of each rider will enter in the general classification for each category. If the race organizer sets category limits, those are enforced after the race through the community-developed ZwiftPower. If a rider is downgraded during the series for any reason other than an equipment change they must continue to race their initial category. If there is an equipment change they or their team captain must contact Team TFC for dispensation.

ZwiftPower does not use your average power for a race, which is a common misconception. 11 WTRL TTT times to choose from and an Invite-only PLATINUM LEAGUE broadcasting live with Nathan & Dave on ZWIFT COMMUNITY LIVE for last weeks winners. 0 w/kg or higher 3. 49 w/kg Generally, your profile data at zwiftpower. Last update to Zwift User Manual. We have 3 Wolf WKG manuals available for free PDF download: Service Manual, Owner&39;s Manual, Catalog Of Replacement Parts Wolf WKG Service Manual (64 pages).

manual wkg category zwiftpower Near Top of Category 20-Minute Power: All of the riders in the analysis are capable of riding at or near the top of Category C power. I was just lucky enough to have access to the “golden ticket” to the early beta test, the Fan Manual was set up at that time. Questions, banter and general discussion. Critty Critty Bang Bang is a restless charge around 14 laps of the Downtown Dolphin course. Manuals and User Guides for Miele WKG 120. So the calculation is (20min power × 0.

Same for “UPG”? Manuals and User Guides for Wolf WKG SERIES. This video is unavailable. a 70kg rider with 245W = 3. Its pretty clear that in some zwift races, people are dishonest about which category they should be in and win their races by a mile. Dont forget to up sign for of 4 the wtrl to race series evening. WKG reserves the right to disqualify any racers that have obviously entered the wrong category. I’d like zwift to re-categorise racers on their average w/kg to the correct category.

Those that race below their ZP category will likely be filtered out of results with an UPG code. Here’s the fun part: ZwiftPower displays critical power charts on the profiles of each ZwiftPower user, allowing us to see where our strengths and weaknesses lie. (One exception: women-only categories cannot be joined by men. We have 2 Wolf WKG SERIES manuals available for free PDF download: Service Manual Wolf WKG SERIES Service Manual (74 pages). To be specific, this is 95% of your best 20-minute power, which is the formula commonly used to estimate FTP. For example: What does “REG1” mean?

Manual wkg category zwiftpower

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